proving that just because you can make a discord bot, it doesnt mean you always should

i began work on jiqi back in march 2022 with the goal of making an all-purpose bot, meaning it would be able to

essentially, the plan was to make just one bot which i could use for my discord server which would get rid of the need for any other bots.

since then, the goal has somewhat shifted; now ive become set on making a bot which can connect many servers, creating a sort of intranet, all connected via jiqi.

the coolest feature of jiqi so far is the 'jiqi hub', a channel which is automatically added to any server which adds jiqi to it, allowing communication across many servers

im still actively working on jiqi, but because of hosting issues (basically i dont have a way to reliably host it 24/7 wihtout just leaving my macbook running all the time) it is not online too often. also, the dream of having jiqi do all the things mentioned above isnt dead yet, itll obviously just take a bit of time. in fact, reaction roles do work, but its limited to my server at the moment.

at present time, my main focus is getting what i already have rewritten with hikari + lightbulb, as ive been using discordpy which has been discontinued.

feel free to invite jiqi to your server ^-^

it requests admin perms because i dont know exactly which permissions its gonna need yet

if you have any questions about jiqi, you can join my discord server and spam ping me if you want